The next STYC Sailing and Boating Meet-up is May 19, 2019 and weekly racing continues on the Hobies and IC-24’s. Plus, we want to let you know that the 3rd Annual Hotel & Tourism Association Regatta is happening at STYC on Saturday morning and teams will be having lunch on the lower deck.

See below for details:


This Meet-up is an excursion to check out Hawksnest Bay on St. John. All STYC Members and your guests are welcome! All boats welcome! No boat? You can crew on an IC-24 or we will try to find space for you on another boat.

This is a casual event – bring your own food and beverages. Plan to meet on the Hawksnest beach about 1 pm. There is a shaded picnic area, noted by the purple star on the diagram, near the west dinghy channel. If it is occupied there is shade under the trees – bring a beach blanket. We’ll have a dinghy to bring coolers, and anyone not up for swimming, ashore.

  • IC Sailors: meet at STYC at 10 am, take a scenic route to Hawksnest, tie up to the moorings, and swim or dinghy ashore for lunch on the beach about 1pm. Skippers with IC access, reserve your boats. Anyone who wants to crew, call or email the Sailing Center.
  • Cruising Sailors and Power Boaters: if you plan to attend and have room for other members on your boat, please let the Sailing Center know. Bonus if you are willing to bring a dinghy or tow a club rib!
  • Mooring Info: white moorings with blue stripes accommodate up to 60′, the large white mooring accommodates up to 100′ (boats over 60′ have priority), blue moorings can be used but commercial boats with permits have priority. Rafting up is not prohibited but do not exceed the overall lenght capacity. More NPS mooring info here.