Richard “Skeff” Skeffington passed away this week on St. Thomas. Those of us who knew Skeff on both Cowpet Bay and Moosehead Lake were saddened by this unexpected jolting news. He left us quickly which was his way, he never wanted to be a bother to anyone.  Skeff lived on the water in both homes  and loved just looking out on the sea. It made him very happy to sit and enjoy the view with a bottomless glass of ice tea and cookies.
There are so many words that describe Skeff that many of us will ponder as we think of his passing. A collector of all things, big and small from sea planes to hard to find tools, caring, happy and overly generous. He constantly gave old girl friends gifts to just make them happy, he was always there to lend a hand, give advice or in my case simply do it for me. He left STYC with wonderful remembrances from Skeffington Way, the path to the club he built himself, the Old Farts cribbage storage box,  the plaque he had engraved for Gypsy’s grave ( the club cat for 19 years) and the bronze “salute” cannon he bought and donated  to the club. As long as STYC survives a part of Skeff will always be with us – just look around the Club.
Skeff had many boats but not necessarily for their primary water function. He simply loved the projects that boats bring to one’s life. He was a tinkerer, he loved projects and not necessarily the finishing part but just doing them. It made him happy.
Skeff was there for us all with his smile, helping hand and positive attitude. His passing will be difficult for us all and his memories will linger longer than most. A sad day!
Bill Canfield