Columbus Day

Columbus Day Regatta was a tremendous experience for me as a director of the regatta for the first time in my life.
Thank you everyone for supporting the regatta, the Opti team & me.  It would have been impossible without YOUR help.
Special thanks :
– St. Thomas Yacht Club for hosting the regatta.
– St John Yacht Club for giving us an amazing Race Committee PRO Mr. Scott Barnett. Thank you Scott..!
– Margo Lynch, Ann Nicolosi and Heather Scholes for teaching me how to run a regatta and giving me 100% of their support
– Margaret Majette for being my partner on land and water 7/24 . For designing and making, with Big Planet, the Columbus Day regatta T-shirts.
– Carlos Di Blasi, for working sick all weekend on the water as a safety boat and on land all weekend. Thank you for your always amazing stake sandwiches on the Saturday BBQ. Also for support me for the last month working and talking none stop about Columbus Day regatta.
– To Argy ( Agustin Resano ) and Greer Scholes. Always doing a impecable job making sure everything is right and for giving me 100 % support .
– The Galley Restaurant STYC for the enormous & impecable support. Thank you Barb ( what would I do without you…!)
– Mr. Jhon Hill, from St John, for letting us use his bout to be use as RC boat on Saturday.
– Robert & Marni Richard for letting us use Mix Bag as RC boat on Sunday. Also for helping on the BBQ. Thank you again for setting breakfast all weekend .
– Julie and Mark Lonski for being a safety boat all weekend. Thank you for cooking and working hard in our Saturday BBQ. Mark, your BBQ chicken was amazing..!
– Mark & Charlotte Van Den Driessche for being our Mark Boat all weekend and Also for being a team support.
– John Flatley for jumping in, as always, to offer unconditional help.
– Amy Yu for setting breakfast and lunch table on Saturday & Sunday
– Jean and Adam Thrill for being a green fleet safety boat & working on the BBQ. Jean, you did a great job.
– To all the parents that brought a dish to be sold on the Saturday night BBQ
– To Puerto Rico, BVI & St. Croix for coming over this weekend. We love to have you in our home.
– Ryan ( St. Thomas), Cody ( St. John), Roby & Courney ( St. John), Mark Hall (St. John) and Cole Luterek ( St. Thomas ) for helping at the RC boat all weekend.
– Thanks to all the parents and members of the STYC that when to our BBQ and both T-Shirt to support our opti team
– Please forgive me if I have missed anyone.