club rules


Club Rules


  1. Beach Use -The area to the North of the Clubhouse porch shall be reserved for swimming and sunning, etc. Beach chairs are for members and their guests and may not be used in the water or for boat repairs.
  2. Boat Access to Swim Area – Boats entering or leaving the swim area shall do so slowly and carefully near the center red/green channel buoy. Anchoring is allowed only for loading and unloading near the boat ramp.
  3. Boat Use Of Beach – The area from the Clubhouse porch South to the boat ramp shall be for day use only, except during regattas.


Dry storage and the boat ramp, as well as the mooring area, are provided by the Club to facilitate increased boating activities. Neither dry storage nor the mooring area is intended to provide long term storage of unused vessels.

  1. The boat ramp is restricted for the use of Club members. Use of the ramp is included with the mooring or dry storage agreement. Members who have not executed an agreement will be charge $5.00 for the use of the ramp.
  2. Use of the boat ramp is normally restricted to daylight hours. The ramp will be chain and locked when not in use and during the hours of darkness. If a member needs to use the dock after hours, the Manager or the Fleet Captain must grant permission in advance.
  3. Only boats of members with a completed dry storage agreement and an assigned space shall be parked behind the club. Boats left without permission will be charged double the normal rate, not to exceed $50 per day.
  4. Boats on trailers shall not exceed a maximum length of twenty-five (25) feet; trailers shall be appropriately sized for that limitation.
  5. All boats stored on Club property shall be kept neat and tidy, with all gear properly stowed. No additional locker, awning or boat gear is permitted.
  6. Given the very limited space on Club grounds, members with Dry Storage Agreement may be asked to remove a stored boat for special events (such as major regattas and tournaments), or for work to be performed on the Club property, with a minimum of ten (10) days advance notice. Failure to comply with the notice to remove may result in the boat and/or trailer being removed from Club property. All cost of removal and/or offsite storage shall be the responsibility of the member.
  7. The Club may request members to remove any boat not stored in accordance with these Boat Ramp and Dry Storage Rules, the Dry Storage Agreement, or if boat appears unused for ninety (90) days or more, with (10) days advance notice. Failure to comply with the notice to remove may result in the boat and/or trailer being removed from the Club property. All costs of removal and/or offsite storage shall be the responsibility of the member.

Updated Dec. 2015
Boat Ramp and Dry Storage Rules (2007)


Club House Rules

  1. The Clubhouse will normally be open every day from 0800 hours to 1900 hours. Any change will be posted on the Club Bulletin Board. 
  2. The bar will be open from 1100 hours to 1900 hours Monday-Friday. On Friday, hours will be extended to include Happy Hour. 
  3. Club members are not permitted to bring or consume their own food or beverages on the Club premises when the kitchen is opened; or to bring and consume their own beverages during the hours when the bar is open.  
  4. Members may be asked to show proof of membership when entering Club premises.  
  5. Members shall be responsible for the conduct of their family or guests and shall be responsible for any damage or loss to Club property caused by a family member or guest and shall be liable for the amount of any such loss or damage. 
  6. No article of Club property shall be removed from Club premises without the prior approval of the House Committee Chairman or Club Manager. The member receiving such approval must sign out the property and shall be fully responsible for its return.  
  7. The House Committee Chairman shall be responsible for the furnishing and decoration of the Clubhouse and no change shall be made without his/her approval.  
  8. Dressing Room showers are not to be used for storage of personal items.
  9. The Club cannot be responsible for articles of value left in the Clubhouse or elsewhere on the premises. Personal articles left on the premises will be picked up, held for thirty days, and then disposed of without notice.  
  10. Use of the dock or beach is at the member’s own risk.  
  11. Food and beverage prices will be set by the Club Manager with the approval of the House Committee Chairman.  
  12. No Club member or guest shall stay on the Club premises overnight.  
  13. Members may reserve the Clubhouse for private or group parties by applying to the House Committee Chairman or Club Manager. A fee will be charged.  
  14. Outside groups, with sponsorship of a Club member, may contract to use the Club facilities for special events by applying to the House Committee Chairman or Club Manager who will determine the charges and conditions of usage.    
  15. Complaints are to be directed to the Club Manager. If not resolved, they shall be directed to the House Committee Chairman or Commodore.
  16. Flag Officers, Governors, Committee Chairmen and the Club Manager are obligated to inform any member of a violation of the rules affecting that member, the member’s family or guests.  
  17. Littering is forbidden. All trash must be placed in the dumpster. Trash or garbage brought ashore from boats shall be in appropriate containers and placed in the dumpster, not in the trash cans around the Clubhouse.  
  18. Children under ten years of age must not be left unattended at the Club at any time. A parent or responsible adult member or guest must be in control of all such children, especially doing Club functions. 
  19. Pets are not permitted on the Club premises except in transit to or from a boat. They must be on a leash.  
  20. Alcoholic beverages will not be served to anyone less than eighteen years of age. Adults shall not do anything to circumvent this rule. The Club Manager may request proof of age if he/she deems it necessary. No one under the age of eighteen will be allowed in the bar. Juniors bringing alcoholic beverages to the Club will be suspended in accordance with the By-Laws.
  21. At the discretion of Flag Officers, Board Members, House Committee Chairperson and Manager on duty, individuals not conducting themselves appropriately are subject to immediate expulsion from the Club premises and further disciplinary actions including, a letter of reprimand, suspension, and permanent expulsion from the yacht Club.
  22. For the safety of the members, swimming must be confined to the area within the float lines. No swimming off the dock.  
  23. No spinnaker flying or water skiing within the mooring area or Cowpet Bay.
  24. Members leaving their cars on the Club Premises overnight or longer must park in the lot adjacent to the tennis courts.
  25. All members dinghy’s, trailers, stored boats, and personal automobiles shall display a Yacht Club decal.  Members dinghy’s, trailers, stored boats, and automobiles shall display the Club decal in a prominent, easy to view area, i.e. dinghy’s inside on transom, trailers tongue, auto’s on the right rear bumper. 


Club House Rules (2006)


Dock Rules

  1. The STYC dock and launch are for the use of Club members who have a mooring agreement; other Club members may use the dock for short periods with the Club Manager’s permission.
  2. No rafting of boats is allowed at the dock without the permission of the boat owners(s) or the Club Manager.
  3. The South side of the dock is reserved for members’ boats for a period less than thirty (30) minutes. On weekdays this time period may be extended with the Club Manager’s permission.
  4. The North side of the dock is for members who require a stay of 24 hours or less.
  5. The “T-Head” is for boats requiring a stay of up to three days.
  6. A Dock Permit must be completed and approved by the Club Manager for all dock use over thirty minutes.
  7. Visiting yachtsmen with reciprocal club privileges may, with the Club Manager’s permission, use the end of the “T -Head” for a fee of $10.00 per day.
  8. The north side of dock shoreward of the white stripe is reserved for dinghies and tenders 13 feet and under. Outboards must be left down.
  9. The dinghy dock is not meant as a storage dock. Dinghies left over 72 hours will be moved to a mooring.
  10. All visitors using the dinghy dock must check in with the Club Manager.
  11. Boats and dinghies parked at the dock without the Club Manager’s per­mission, or in violation of these rules, may be towed to a mooring, charged a fine of $25 and lose dock privileges.
  12. The STYC shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, or expense Res­ulting from moving a boat or dinghy that is in violation of these dock rules.

Dock Rules (2010)


Mooring Rules and Agreement


The Cowpet Bay mooring field constitutes one of the St. Thomas Yacht Club’s major assets. The purpose of the these Mooring Rules is to manage this asset for the benefit of the Members generally, to encourage Members to own boats and get involved in sailing and power boating, and to fairly and equitably allocate the limited number of moorings among our growing membership.  The General Rules cover the assignment and transfer of moorings among Members while reserving the final decision to the Board to ensure mooring privileges are not abused.  The Operational Rules set forth the rules mooring holders must follow.

General Rules

1. Mooring privileges are available to a Charter and Regular Members in good standing.  A qualifying individual Member who owns a vessel shall complete an application.  All Members who own a vessel together shall jointly complete one application. Once completed, the application is submitted to the Manager accompanied by a $500 deposit along with a valid boat registration for each mooring. The application will list the name of the vessel, its length, and whether it is sail or motor.  Each approved applicant will be required to provide a valid boat registration annually to the manger.

2. Each owner of an interest in a vessel applying for a Club mooring must be a Charter or Regular Member, shall execute a Mooring Agreement for that vessel, and shall provide a copy of the U.S. Virgin Islands Certificate of Number (registration) for the vessel and evidence of the percentage of his/her ownership interest. Such evidence may be pro­vided by Coast Guard documentation, a copy of a partnership agreement, or a notarized document signed by all showing all owners and their percentage interests. The $500 deposit may be posted by one of the vessel owners or split proportionally to their ownership interests in the vessel.

3. The Manager shall maintain a current waiting list of all Members in the order that their applications and deposits are received, noting the vessel’s length and whether sail or motor, and shall keep a copy posted on the bulletin board in the lobby of the clubhouse.  The Fleet Captain shall assign the Member(s) at the top of the list to the next available mooring that is suited for that vessel and the Manager shall notify the Member(s) that a mooring is available.  Billing for the mooring will begin from that date.  The Member(s) shall have 90 days there­after to place a vessel on the mooring, failing which the Fleet Captain shall re­assign the mooring to the next Member(s) in line whose vessel is suited to that mooring.  The defaulting Member(s) shall pay the initial 90 day- mooring fee, be refunded the $500 deposit, and may submit a new application with deposit.

4. Upon the sale or transfer of a vessel solely owned by a Member who has executed a Mooring Agreement, that Member shall have 90 days from the date of the sale to acquire another vessel, substitute the name and length of that new vessel on his/her Mooring Agreement, and place the replacement vessel on the mooring.  If any ownership interest in a vessel already assigned to a mooring changes, the owners shall immediately complete and file a new Mooring Agreement with the evidence of owner attached as required by these Rules.  The previous Mooring Agreement including the Member whose ownership interest is replaced shall be canceled. The Manager shall provide the Board each month with a list of changes in vessel ownership and mooring assignments.

5. Moorings designated as IC-24 Nos. 1 through 12 are assigned to the IC-24 Fleet. To keep this privilege, an IC-24 assigned to one of the IC-24 moorings must be campaigned actively.

6. Any indebtedness to the Club outstanding for 60 days or more shall be subject to revoked Club privileges.

7. This Mooring Agreement may be terminated at the sole discretion of STYC if the mooring is unused for six months (180 days) or more, with (10) days advance notice.

8. All boats moored in the mooring field must be kept in a sea worthy condition, as determined at the sole discretion of STYC. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the termination of this Mooring Agreement, with thirty (30) days advance notice.

Operational Rules

9. The STYC, acting through its Flag Officers, Fleet Captain, or Club Manager, in the exercise of its sound discretion, may order the evacuation of the mooring field due to the existence or threat of a tropical storm.  When an evacuation is ordered, the Club Manager or Fleet Captain shall cause a red flag to be flown from the yardarm of the mast over the Clubhouse.  This red flag is the signal that every vessel must be removed from the dock, all moorings and the STYC mooring field in Cowpet Bay.  In addition, as a courtesy, the Club shall attempt to send an email notice to all moorings holders.  The $500 deposit will be for­feited to the Club for any vessel left on the dock or a mooring or in the moor­ing field during such storm, whether or not the vessel does any damage to the dock.  Any forfeited deposit shall be replaced within 30 days. If a vessel left on a mooring in violation of this Rules causes any damage to the dock, mooring field or other Club property, the Member(s) owning the vessel shall promptly pay the full cost of repairing or replacing the damaged property.

10. Under these Rules, a mooring is assigned to a specific Member(s) and a particular vessel. With the permission of the Club Manager or Fleet Captain, the mooring holder(s) temporarily may place a different vessel on the mooring as long as the vessel is of a size and length suitable to the mooring.  Provided it does not interfere with the mooring holder’s use and enjoyment of the moor­ing, the Club Manager or Fleet Captain may allow any Member temporarily to tie a vessel to a temporarily unoccupied mooring.  Similarly, and provided it does not interfere with the mooring holder’s use and enjoyment of the moor­ing, the Club Manager or Fleet Captain may place the vessel of a Member or a visiting yachtsman on a temporarily unoccupied mooring.  The fee for such temporary use of a mooring is $5.00 per day or the minimum mooring fee (whichever is less).  Any funds collected for such temporary usage shall be re­tained by the Club.

11. Members who have executed Mooring Agreements or dry storage agree­ments have the use of the Club launch to transport themselves or their guests between the Club Dock and a vessel in Cowpet Bay that the Member owns or has the right to use, even if the vessel is not on a Club mooring.

12.  A Member who has been assigned a mooring shall be responsible at all times for the care of his/her vessel, the mooring to which the vessel is attached, and any damage the vessel may cause to Club property, other vessels, or per­sons.  Any damages to Club property by an operated vessel shall be the responsibility of the Member owner(s). While away from St. Thomas, such Member must designate a person who will be responsible for the moored vessel and its mooring.  Before leaving island, the Member shall give that person’s name and local telephone number to the Club Manager.  All Members maintaining a vessel in Cowpet Bay are expected to inspect their vessel and mooring lines at least once per month, and in all regards to act in a seamanlike manner in the care and custody of the Member’s vessel.

13.  Although the Club will make periodic inspections of the moorings, and repair those parts below the pennant, the St. Thomas Yacht Club shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or expense resulting from failure of any part of a mooring system.

14.  No Member or his/her guests may live aboard any vessel on a Club moor­ing, at anchor, or at the Club dock. “Living aboard” is defined as spending one or more nights on the vessel. No rafting of vessels on mooring is allowed. Ex­ceptions may be made by the Fleet Captain during Club sponsored regattas.

15.  Flushing toilets or discharging holding tanks is strictly prohibited in Cowpet Bay.

16.  With the Commodore’s approval, the Fleet Captain has the authority to cancel the mooring privileges of any Member for violation of these Mooring Rules, the Dock Rules, the Boat Ramp and Dry Storage Rules, the failure to execute a Mooring Agreement or pay fees imposed by the St. Thomas Yacht Club, subject to review by the Board of Governors.

ALL major boat work (grinding, painting, fiberglass repair, use of any machinery, etc.) will need to be requested and approved by the manager and the Board. These activities will be discouraged on All STYC property.</strong15. <>

17. STYC dock will be used for recreational member only use. All requests for an exception should be presented to the manager for Board approval.

Mooring Rules (Revision 2022)

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Mooring Agreement

Mooring Rules


Tennis Rules

  1. The Chairman and the Tennis Committee as a whole have au­thority over interpretation and enforcement of court rules as established by the Tennis Committee. If a dispute arises that cannot be resolved by the Tennis Committee the matter will be taken to the Board for final resolution.
  2. Tennis Pros shall comply and upheld the Rules on behalf of the STYC Tennis Committee, Board & staff
  3. Court hours are from 0700 to 2100 hours. Please deposit your quarters to use the lights. STYC is closed after 1900 and use of courts after that hour is at members own risk.
  4. All guests, including houseguests, must be registered at the Clubhouse office with the Club Manager and sign up and pay for court use, clinics, or lessons with Tennis Pro, prior to play.
  5. A St. Thomas resident may be invited to play three (3) times a year by any Club member (in accordance with Club by Laws). This means only 3 times / year not 3 invitations by different members.
  6. Free clinics organized by the club pro are for members only, unless otherwise specified
  7. Clinics, round robins and social events may be organized by The Tennis Committee and Tennis Pro from time to time. With the permission of The Tennis Committee chair these may be open to non-members, however, a fee will be charged and paid to the STYC office.
  8. Non-members are allowed to participate in three (3) different Six Week Packaged lessons or clinics within one 12 months cycle.  After the use of the 3 packages, the player must become a member of the STYC to use courts and participate in the tennis program..
  9. Club tournaments may be open to non-members.
  10. All monies collected including but not limited to entry fees and sponsor fees must be paid directly to the STYC office or STYC event volunteers.  At no time, should any member or non-member pay any fees to the Tennis Pro directly (excluding tips).
  11. All rules will be posted on the courts.
  12. Proper court attire is expected all the time. This includes shirts and proper shoes.
  13. Court 3 is reserved on  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4 pm – 6 pm for members only round robin/mixer.
  14. Courts 3 is reserved every Sunday morning from 8 am till noon for members only round robin/mixer.
  15. Pro must reserve any court for packaged lessons and clinics (with the exception of the times allocated for mixer and free clinic above) and give the Tennis Committee and STYC staff a week’s notice to communicate with members.
  16. Pro must reserve any court for a “non programmed” individual tennis lesson like any other member
  17. No shows of any tennis program or lesson will forfeit court use after 20 minutes; if member has commenced match he/she shall not surrender court if players and/or Pro show up after  that period of time
  18. The Tennis Room is for the use of the Tennis Pro and STYC staff. Please restrain from storing items in this room (STYC board is working on new storage options and this rule will not be in force until that is available.)


When a sign up system (whether remotely or at the STYC club house is put in place the following will apply:

  1. No one except the Pro may sign up for any court use more than a week in advance
  2. All players must have completed play on a reserved court before they may reserve another court.
  3. All players’ names must be entered when reserving a court including guests/non members.
  4. Courts may be reserved for periods not lasting more than one hour and a half and will be forfeited after 10 minutes if at least 2 member players are not present.
  5. Please cooperate by leaving the court promptly at the end of your assigned time.
  6. Please respect other member’s court and time allotment, restrain from interruptions and court crossing while play is in progress. Wait for end of current game, change over or use the other court entrances.
  7. Please address all suggestions, complaints, ideas to the Tennis Pro or a member of the Tennis Committee.

Tennis Rules (2010, 2016 revisions)


Club Sailing Dinghy Member Usage Policy


Download Dingy Usage Form


Under this policy club members in good standing will be permitted to use any of the club owned sailing dinghies except the fleet of 420s under agreement with Antilles School, subject to the following terms;


  1. Payment of an annual fee of $150, covering a calendar year.
  2. Satisfying a competency test for each class of dinghy to be sailed.
  3. Checking out with club manager or assistant manager each dinghy and all sailors prior to each usage.
  4. Sailing dinghy within sight of the yacht club at all times.
  5. Sailing dinghy at all times according to the appropriate rules of good seamanship and making best efforts to avoid collisions or threats to the safety of the sailor(s) in the club dinghy or any other vessel.
  6. All sailors must wear coast guard approved life jackets and any other required safety equipment.
  7. Returning dinghy and all parts to their assigned location after usage.
  8. Checking dinghy and all sailors back in with either club manager or assistant manager.
  9. Immediately reporting any damages or equipment failures to the club manager or assistant manager.
  10. Failure to adhere to any of the above terms may lead to revocation of the club dinghy usage privileges.


Use of Club Boats (Dec. 2015)