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 Additional facility/service fees
  • Mooring fee, minimum 25 feet – $8.7 per foot per quarter
  • Mooring permit fee – $5 per foot per year
  • Dry storage trailer boat, max. 25 boat feet – $6.60 per total foot per quarter
  • Dry storage, two person dinghy (420,470) – $82.50 per quarter
  • Dry storage, one person dinghy (Laser, Opti) – $49.50 per quarter
  • Dry storage, Beach cat – $165 per quarter
  • Long sail storage locker – $220 per year
  • Regular upright locker – $137.50 per year
  • Tall upright locker – $220 per year
  • Tennis court lights – $4 per hour (coin box)
  • Club dinghy usage fee (420, Hobie Wave) – $150/per year
  • Boat Access Fee including IC 24 – $1050/per year
  • Club rental for member
    1-67 people attending – $300
    68-350 max attending – $4.50 per person
  • Club rental for non-member
    1-75 people attending – $600
    76-100 people attending – $8 per person
    101-142 people attending – $850
    143-350 max people attending – $6 per person


  1. All Boats and trailers stored at the Yacht club must display a serialized (17xx) club sticker issued by the club office.
  2. Application for renting of the club may be done by downloading and completing the form below and submitting to the club manager in person or via email.
  3. Non-member rentals must use services of the Galley for food and beverages

     Download Club Rental Application form below:


Membership fees

Club membership dues are assessed at the beginning of each calendar year.  Dues are payable within 30 days.

All dues and other fee notices will be emailed to members.  It is the member’s responsibility to monitor their email account and update the office administrator of a change in email address.

All dues and other fees may be paid by cash, check, or credit card with the Club Manager or Office Administrator.

The annual dues for Social Membership are $875. The club is not accepting new applications for Social Membership. Annual dues for all other classes of membership are outlined on the membership application form.
Members may finance their dues payment quarterly.  Financing fees are as follows:

  • Family Membership – $50 per quarter while a balance is due
  • Individual/Social/Non-resident/Social Membership – $25 per quarter while a balance is due
  • Junior/Young Individual Membership – $15 per quarter while a balance is due

A capital assessment currently of $100 applies to all members except junior limited members and is due at the beginning of the year.
If a member does not pay dues within 60 days that member will be automatically put on a payment plan with applicable financing fees.
Late fees may apply after 60 days.
Club staff will endeavor, but are not required, to send 2nd and 3rd notices of late payment prior to assessing late fees.


Notice of resignation must be delivered in writing or by email to the club manager.  Resignations received after a late payment is due will only be considered in good standing if all amounts due are paid to the club.


Past members who resigned in good standing may request reinstatement.  The initiation fee is waived to the extent of any prior reinstatement fee paid.  Past members who were not in good standing at the time of resignation or expulsion must cover all outstanding debt owed to the club and pay the initiation fee prior to reinstatement.

New Members

New members must deposit the $600 initiation fee prior to application review. Once approved, the member will be assessed pro-rated membership dues beginning on the 1st day of the month following approval.  Capital assessments will charged on a pro-rated basis as follows:
Approval date / Assessment
Jan-Mar / $100
April-June / $75
July-Sept / $50
Oct-Dec /  $25

Mooring and Dry Storage Fees

Mooring fees billed on 1st day of every quarter.  Late fees may be assessed after 60 days

Expulsion for Non-payment

The policy for expulsion as a result of non-payment is described in the club by-laws, below:

Article XII Section 2. Expulsion for Non-Payment of Dues

2.1 Any member of any class who is sixty days in arrears in dues or any other indebtedness to the Club, shall be automatically suspended from all privileges of the Club, and said member’s name shall be posted on the Club premises for a period of thirty days, after which time, the indebtedness being still unpaid, said member shall be automatically expelled from the Club.

2.2 Where special considerations, such as absence from the island, illness, or failure to receive notice of the indebtedness, or other good and substantial reasons are submitted, the Board of Governors may waive such expulsion for a period not to exceed six months.


Click here to view the current By-Laws.


Please contact us directly at 340-775-6320 for membership directory information.

A toast from
Margo S. Lynch
Past Commodore

It was 1964
And some boaties from St. Thomas,
they all wanted more.

So a SHACK was constructed,
just made of wood.

And the parties they threw….
were epically good.

The gents started to think,
they need a real bar
to set down their drink.

So a club house was planned,
And built just where we stand.

The fleet started small,
6 boats at the most,
giving everyone sailing a reason to toast.

Yacht club sailors were bursting with skill.
I’ve heard racing with Rudy was always a thrill.

Caribbean regattas to the Olympic Games,
sailing from the V.I. would never be the same.

With legends before them to light and lead the way,
St. Thomas sailors have proven, they’re here to stay.

Grounded by history and sailing success, the crushing winds of hurricanes left us a mess.

No need to worry, while progress is slow, we promise SOON, your boat will have somewhere to go.

With a roof that won’t leak
and a mast that is stepped
STYC will be back at its best.

In these times of recovery, I’m reminded to look back.

What more do we need than boats, great friends and a shack.