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Junior Sailing Program

The St. Thomas Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program objectives are to connect our children to our beautiful waters with the goal of making “a sailor for life.” The program promotes the value of sportsmanship, community, teamwork and helps build confidence.

We teach young people how to sail to the best of their ability and interest, and we encourage growth in skill and competence, through both individual and team participation. Seamanship is taught along with, sailing, racing skills, and sportsmanship all in a safe and fun environment

The program also encourages and supports racing at all levels.

We encourage parents and families to be involved with their sailor and their teammates. We are fortunate to have a wonderful community of sailors and volunteers. Your support is essential. If you would like to be more involved with the JSC, its programs, or race committees, please ask how you can help!


Junior Sailing Handbook

Junior Sailing Committee (JSC)
  • Our Youth Sailing Committee will be responsible for the following 
  • Overseeing program and schedules
  • Coordinating junior coaching staff
  • Commutation with families
  • Facilitating communication between families and coaches
  • Schedule and class development
  • All aspects of registration
Communication Between Families and Program Staff

Clear communication between families and staff is essential to the success of the Jr. Sailing Program. If you have a specific issue during the session please refer to the following guidelines:

  • Email is our primary method of communication. Please be certain that we have your correct email. A calendar of events is also posted on the website.
  • First, speak directly with your sailor’s assigned instructor, after the instruction time.
  • If you cannot resolve the issue please contact the JSC by email. stycsailing@gmail.com
  • For all non-instruction related issues, or if you are unclear on how to address an issue please contact the club manager.
Student Code of Conduct
  • Sportsmanlike conduct is expected of all sailors at all times, on and off the water, whenever representing the STYC in the community, and at all times while on the property. This code of conduct represents the most important ideas.
  • Be on time for lessons
  • Attend regularly
  • Sail for fun and love of the sport
  • Be cooperative, supportive and respectful of other people and their property

New class schedules will be distributed through email and posted in the Great Room

Payment for the entire session is due at the time of registration.

Class size will vary based on coaches and equipment available.

Members are given priority when registering

Member sailors that were previously enrolled in a class will have priority over new sailors.

Non-members are allowed to sail in two sessions

Click Here for Jr. Sailing Registration


Boat ownership

The STYC supports three youth boats, the opti, laser and the C420. The club maintains a fleet of 10 optis to be used by beginning sailors, 8 C420s, 1 FJ, and 3 lasers. Private boat ownership is encouraged for children developing in the green fleet and is required after one session in the race training programs.

Regatta Participation:
Regatta participation is encouraged for all interested sailors. Please see the attached guidelines for Green Fleet Regattas as well as the Championship Fleet.

Non STYC coaching:
The JSC and Board recognize that at times, a sailor’s coaching needs may fall outside of the current program. Families MUST submit a detailed written request to the board for approval.

It takes a village:

The Board of Governors in cooperation with the JSC has set these guidelines but it takes a village to ensure they are upheld.  We encourage parents and families to be involved with their sailor and their teammates. We are fortunate to have a wonderful community of sailors and volunteers.  Your support is essential. If you would like to be more involved with the JSC, its programs, or race committees, please ask how you can help!

Program Rules

1. Rinse feet in footbaths before you come on the patio or into the Clubhouse
2. Clubhouse & Patio are quiet areas – no shouting or ball playing permitted
3. No jumping on boats or swinging on masts of boats on the beach
4. Everyone helps put ALL boats and equipment away.
5. Do not leave boats on the ramp unattended.
6. Water is for rinsing sailing equipment only, DON’T WASTE IT!
7. Class is not over until you are dismissed chalk talk and the review of equipment.
8. Whistles are for emergencies only.
9. Life Jackets must be worn when you are on the dock, the beach or the water.
10. No Jumping off the dock without supervision
11. Keep your hands to yourself
12. No swearing at the club or on the water
13. No running in the Club House or Patio
14. Stay off of the coach boats unless told otherwise by an Instructor.
15. Respect your coaches and fellow sailors
16. Under no circumstances may equipment be removed from someone else’s boat or locker. This is cause for an automatic 10-day suspension.
17. In the Club’s wisdom, if it is felt that weather conditions do not allow for safe sailing we will close the harbor and instruct all junior sailors that sailing is not allowed unless we receive a call or permission from a parent to advise us otherwise.

Three Strikes, and you’re out….

“Friendly” Warning
Lose Please & Thank you window for day of infringement
Time out until your parents remove you from the club premises

Gross acts of misconduct may result in immediate suspension/expulsion from the Sailing Program or Yacht Club upon review by the Club’s Board.
Actions Taken in Extreme Disciplinary Matters

The Club Manager and Assistant Manager are empowered by the Executive Committee of STYC to handle all situations or problems at the time they occur. Their immediate role will be to pull the offending junior sailor away from the group and either warn the offender or in extreme cases suspend their sailing and club activities for up to 24 hours. All incidents that result in a suspension will be passed on to the Junior Sailing Committee and the Exec Committee for further review.

Borrowing parts, sails or other equipment from a club locker, club or individually owned boat without the owner’s permission will be considered a gross act of misconduct. The Board of STYC will suspend all offenders for up to ten days for a first offence.

A STYC Employee may allow a part to be borrowed from a club owned boat but not from any private vessel.